Diasystematic Construction Grammar (DCxG) is a usage-based constructionist approach to language contact phenomena, ranging from contact-related language change to multilingual practices and additional language acquisition.

This website aims to provide basic information about key concepts of DCxG (in the glossary), an up-to-date bibliography of work in or on DCxG, and information about completed or ongoing research in or on DCxG.

Need a more thorough introduction to DCxG? Please read:

  • Höder, Steffen. 2018. Grammar is community-specific: Background and basic concepts of Diasystematic Construction Grammar. In Hans C. Boas & Steffen Höder (eds.), Constructions in contact. Constructional perspectives on contact phenomena in Germanic languages (Constructional Approaches to Language 24), 37–70. Amsterdam: Benjamins [DOI: 10.1075/cal.24.02hod].
  • Höder, Steffen. 2019. Phonological schematicity in multilingual constructions: a diasystematic perspective on lexical form. Word Structure 12, 334–352 [DOI: 10.3366/word.2019.0152].

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Steffen Höder | I’m a construction grammarian and contact linguist as well as the Professor of Scandinavian Linguistics at the Institute of Scandinavian Studies, Frisian Studies and General Linguistics at Kiel University.